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Hello, my name is Rifqi Fauzan Akram. I am a hard-working back-end developer with a willingness to create the most scalable back-end yet. Passionate about software architecture, cloud computing, best git workflow, and DevOps knowledge. Always curious about new technologies, and willing to learn something new. Easy going person with good communicating skills and accountable person for teamwork.

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API Development (RESTful API) 90%

Laravel PHP 85%

Node.js 85%

Adonis.js 80%

Express.js 75%

Linux Server 90%

SQL & No SQL Databases 85%

Git 80%

API Development

I'm highly passionate about back-end things like setting up a server, working in terminal and yeah, of course, I can create your website API!

Web Development

Website is the first application that I created when I started to learn programming. I remembered I got my first project at 10th Grade to create a company website and well I got a lot of money from that.

Game Development

I love games since my childhood and I always wondered when I was a kid that can I create one of it? And finally, I can answer that I already have a lot of it!

Rifqi Fauzan Akram is one of the very best among all the people I've ever worked with. Strong, experienced and accountable Back End Developer. Rifqi Fauzan Akram is an organized and customer-service oriented perfectionist, has no problem to work hard when necessary. He showed a high level of Web Developer, Back End Developer, PHP technical skills and was a valuable contributor to our projects. Dedicated and goal-oriented strategist that cannot be overestimated. Rifqi Fauzan Akram makes the impossible possible. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him.

Muhammad Rahmatullah

Full Stack Website Developer at 41 Studio

You must know that working with Rifqi is so much fun. Accountable back-end developer who always sticks to the plan (even sometimes he's changed the plan if the first plan does not work well). I love his work! Highly Recommended

Bayu Novianto

Android Developer at PT. Mediatama Kreasi Indonesia